Attach “GOOD RACK” with push-pins

Good Rack

Attach “GOOD RACK” with push-pins

What is “GOOD RACK”?

“Good Rack” is a parts of the shelf bracket that will be able to attach to the plaster wall using 1×4 lumber.
We started thinking about the product in the first place when we heard of the customer’s request such as “Is there any idea that I can make hide the edge of 1×4 lumber?”.
Also, you will install this product by using a thin pin into the plaster wall that indicates you do not make a big hole there!


The color lineup consists of 7 kinds, white, ivory, caramel, blue, yellow, green, and orange.

How to install it on the plaster wall?

Only three steps you need to install!

How to install

installing Good Rack 1【Step1】
Set the 1×4 lumber in the “Good Rack” and adjust the position to install.
installing Good Rack 2【Step2】
While holding the shelf board lightly, insert a pin into the lower hole with a coin. Push the pins vertically, so they do not bend.
installing Good Rack 3【Step3】
Insert the pin into the upper hole while adjusting the overall tilt. Insert it on the other side in the same way.


Shelf on the wall!
Finish installing Good Rack

Weight capacity is less than 2kg when you use a 30cm length of 1×4 lumber.

It’ll be hard to see the hole even if you remove it from the wall!

Hole doesn't see!
The pin which used with the shelf is very thin so that the hole doesn’t see much from the wall even after it comes off!

Point02It is easier to remove the “Good Rack” from the wall when you lift it from the bottom and remove the bottom pin first.


There are various ways to decorate “Good Rack” on the wall!

Here are examples of the “Good Rack” arrangement.

No decoration yet.

Decorated with masking tape. It become original and be only one in the world!

It’ll look perfect if you decorate with masking tape and by paint!

Example of practical use

Good Rack practical use 4
If you don’t have any space to put extra toilet paper in the bathroom, you can use it as wall shelves.
Good Rack practical use 5
You can also use “Good Rack” as decoration parts of the front entrance to put your shoes. You’ll be able to store them hooking on the board, too.
Good Rack practical use 6
It will be good for the kitchen by using space effectively. You’ll be getting more space to cook and enjoy!

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