Build -trust with our customers-

We provide fasteners and mechanical parts to customers in the construction and industrial sectors.

It is not only we develop products in response to customers but also we actively pursue customer’s more pleasant and continuous improvement.

Besides, functional products that support our customers’ sales floors, such as decorative metal fixtures and display furniture used in-store interiors is our strong asset.

To sell our developing products and some other kinds of fittings for the sign and display more efficiently, we started the original brand “SCULPS” in specialized to deal with decorative metal fixtures for glass and acrylic.
Furthermore, we have started up another brand “MAGNETICA” recently. We handle the products with magnet for fittings in this brand.
We are always focusing on the manufacturing process and reducing costs while focusing on finishing.


What is the Ohsato SCP sales division?

Store interior materials and decorative fittings

We support selling-floors that the customers are responded by with our original metal fittings for display.

Development of problem-solving products

Even if the customers confront the difficult situation of their sales, we put efforts to solve with cost-cutting, improvement functions, and more attractive design.