【Diverse Work Style Certification Program for Companies】We have obtained Platinum certification!

Our company has achieved the Platinum certification, the highest accolade within the “Diverse Work Style Certification Program for Companies”.

【What is the “Diverse Work Style Certification Program for Companies”?】
To promote a better work-life balance, the prefecture will acknowledge companies that actively embrace work style reforms, including remote work and flexible part-time hours.


For many years, we’ve been dedicated to CSR activities, particularly in helping our employees balance their work with their personal lives. We’ve embraced changes in the workplace by offering flexible work options like telecommuting and varied part-time hours, and we’ve supported our staff in taking parental leave. We’re proud to have our efforts recognized.

This certification is a milestone for us, and it encourages us to continue providing strong support for our team. We believe that a work environment that balances professional responsibilities with personal life leads to success for everyone.

We aim to be a company that’s cherished and respected by all. Moving forward together, we value your continued support and offer our sincere thanks.