The majority of our products are fasteners such as screws.
The screws are used to connect two things together.
We are hoping to enrich our society as much as possible by
connecting things and people through our work.

Basic Concept-Ohsato principles

1. Management principle

(1)We try hard to build trust with our customers.

(2)We devote our time to help increase our employees’ sense of self-fulfillment through the job.

(3)We try to contribute benefits to our society with a one-of-a-kind spirit.

2.Business policy


We will provide high-quality products and services, with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Top Message

Ohsato Co. Ltd.
President Yoshinori Nishikawa

From the beginning of our company founded in 1957, we have been growing while making changes in business format by carefully watching society‘s and economics changing over the past six decades.

We continue to offer new value and keep an eye on society needs.

“Small but strong” is ideal of our company.
Each employees can be one of the best assets in our company. They are bringing us to the next stage.

We are meeting the challenge of constant evolution and the creation of new value. Our company is continuously growing and achieving to the highest level.


Company Overview

Name Ohsato Co. Ltd.
Established October,1957
Incorporation date April,1980
Paid-in Capital 75.65 million yen
Number of employees 111(include executive officer an part-time job)
President Yoshinori Nishikawa
Business Detail Sales of various types of bolts and screws.
Develop of metal fittings-related products.
Main Office 7-4-1 Minami-ku Uchiya Saitama-city 336-0034 Japan
TEL +81-48-863-6411
FAX +81-48-863-8459
Branches Head office
Prosper Bldg.9F 1-3-3 Iwamoto-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0032 Japan
Wholesale division Urawa regional Office
7-4-1 Minami-ku Uchiya Saitama-city Saitama 336-0034 Japan
TEL.+81-48-863-6411 FAX.+81-48-863-8459
Wholesale division Fukuoka regional Office
Inman bldg.101 1-19-18 Shimenchobeppukita Kasuya-gun Fukuoka 811-2233 Japan
TEL.& FAX.+81-92-622-8230
Wholesale division Osaka regional Office
1-1-3-202 Matsuyayamatogawadouri Sakai-ku Sakai-city Osaka 590-0902 Japan
TEL.& FAX.+81-72-221-3487
Wholesale division Sendai regional Office
13-31 Kanohoncho CastileKano B-106 Taihaku-ku Sendai-city Miyagi 982-0022 Japan
TEL.& FAX.+81-22-796-0591
Engineering division Urawa regional Office
7-4-1 Minami-ku Uchiya Saitama-city Saitama 336-0034 Japan
TEL.+81-48-863-2600 FAX.+81-48-863-1300


Company background

October,1957 Eiji Ohsato Established Ohsato store in Chiyoda-ku Tokyo.
April,1959 Changed Ohsato store to Ohsato LLC/Ltd.
1973 Built Daini-Ohsato bldg. in Iwamoto-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo.
1980 Expanding to the DIY business.
April,1980 Changed Ohsato LLC/Ltd. to Ohsato Co. Ltd.
June,1982 Opened new sales office in Magamoto(at present : Minami-ku Saitama-city) Urawa-city Saitama.
February,1985 Moved sales office to Numakage, Saitama-city
March,1991 Opened Kawaguchi office as processing department.
September,1991 Moved sales office to Uchiya, Urawa-city. (at present : Minami-ku Saitama-city)
Moved Daiichi Sales division from Kanda to Urawa and settle as main Sales division.
March,1994 Increase in capital to 10milion yen.
Hideaki Ohsato was inaugurated as President & CEO.
March,1996 Moved Kawaguchi office to Yanagisaki, Kawaguchi-city.
November,1997 Opened Osaka office in Kawanishi-city Hyogo as processing department.
September,1998 Opened Fukuoka sales office in Kasuya-gun Fukuoka.
July,2000 Moved head office to Uchiya Urawa-city.
United Osaka office into Kawaguchi office.
Moved Kawaguchi office to Uchiya Urawa-city.
February,2003 Opened Osaka sales office in Sakai-city Osaka.
Opened Fukusaki sales office in Fukusaki-gun Hyogo.
March,2005 Gained ISO 9001 certification (Apply to:Urawa Office and all offices which belong to Urawa office)
August,2006 Opened Shanghai office in Shanghai China.
March,2008 “SCULPS” was registered as original brand.
May,2008 Changed Shanghai office to XINXIETE TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD
January,2009 Increase in capital to 45milion yen.
June,2009 Increase in capital to 60milion yen.
January,2010 United Fukusaki office into Urawa office.
Minoru Saito was inaugurated as President & CEO.
December,2010 Established SHANGHAI XINGAI METAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD in Shanghai in China
March,2012 Yuji Ohsato was inaugurated as President & CEO.
March,2016 Yuji Kobayashi was inaugurated as President & CEO.
August,2017 Moved XINXIETE TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD to Kunshan Jiangsu.
March,2020 Increase in capital to 75.65milion yen.
March,2020 Yoshinori Nishikawa was inaugurated as President & CEO.




■Urawa Head Office

7-4-1 Minami-ku Uchiya Saitama-city Saitama 336-0034
TEL.+81-48-863-6411 FAX.+81-48-863-8459
By train: JR Musashino line or Saikyoline “Musashiurawa” station approx.17 min on foot.

■Shirahata Center

6-19-25 Minami-ku Shirahata Saitama-city Saitama 336-0022
TEL.+81-48-711-5777 FAX.+81-48-711-5778