Developing & Planning
Developing & Planning


Our new vision is Manufacturing creativity in Ohsato.
We are developing a variety of products, not only screws and nails but also using the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated as a hardware trading company.
Fabless maker with no factory. Its strengths include ideas and planning ability to dig out market needs, and collaboration with partner factories to develop products ranging from metal processing to resin molding.
We can propose the best manufacturing method for each product.

Development of fasteners and mechanical parts for industry

We carefully examine the customer’s issues, requests, and conditions, develop and design the product, and complete the product through repeated testing and improvement.

DIY product development for retail

We capture the invisible customer needs lurking in the market and plan and develop new products like never before.
For example, if you want to use the wall effectively to install a shelf, but you don’t want to make a big hole. “Good Rack” is the product you need.
With this product, you can install a shelf holder on the plasterboard by inserting a pin into the wall. Also, you can put up to 2kg on the shelf.