Development of industrial equipment parts

We propose optimal manufacturing process and mass production for each product.

Manufacturing of Ohsato

Manufacturing that connects thoughts.

We respond to the wishes of each customer such as “I want a product with this standard” and “I want to solve this problem” by manufacturing. Not only product development, but also proposals for added value, such as more efficient manufacturing methods and cost reduction we provide. With our free ideas and solutions that do not fit within the framework of “connected parts,” your “thoughts” will be shaped.

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Connecting parts
  • Various metal processing
  • Resin formation
  • Manufacturing process and mass-producing metal parts
"Can we do this?"

Ohsato provides answers to customer issues and concerns.

Ohsato's manufacturing is not limited to product development and manufacturing. It solves customer's manufacturing issues, such as changing specifications of parts used, improving quality, and reducing costs. In addition to accurately grasping the request, we can derive a result that you can feel “I was glad to consult with Ohsato!”

Examples of solutions for fastening parts

“Screw” is used in all products. Although it is inconspicuous, reviewing these “screws” is actually greatly related to product quality and cost. At Ohsato, we support customers' quality improvement and cost reduction with our abundant know-how and technical capabilities regarding fastening parts.


Requests from customers

I want to improve the existing button washer as follows:

◎Outer diameter smaller than existing one
◎Increase strength
◎Cost reduction

Solution of Ohsato

◎Outer diameter reduced from 24mm to 20mm
◎Increased strength to withstand the pressure at which existing products fall off
◎Cost reduction of about 600,000 yen per year by reducing non-conforming products

Solution example of photocatalyst deodorization equipment

“VA (Value Analysis) / VE (Value Engineering)” is a method for improving the value of existing products and new products. In Ohsato, it is possible to carry out at each stage, from zero look VE at the marketing and product development stage, first look VE at the development design stage, and second look VE to reduce the cost of existing products.


Requests from customers

I want to improve the production and performance of photocatalyst deodorization equipment

Solution of Ohsato

◎23% lighter than previous model
◎Decrease of 12 parts by reviewing parts
◎Energy consumption reduced by 15%

"I want to create something like this"

Ohsato makes such kind of customers' wishes into a shape.

Innovative products born from Ohsato

Knob Saturn

Normal hex nuts are quickly turned into hand-held nuts!

Knob Saturn

①No tools required, easy to tighten by hand
②Penetration type that can be used for long screws
③If it is loosen, it can be reused as a normal nut

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Unlock long screws with one touch!

Free adjustment nut M16

① Anyone can easily release nut function
②Since the allowable load is 6800N, it is safe even where strength is required.
③ Safety confirmation markings at a glance

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Sabitori Brush

Stubborn rust on bolts is solved now!

Rust removal brush socket

① Bolt rust removal in just 5 seconds
② Just set it on a commercially available electric screwdriver and turn it
③Supports custom-made items such as inches, fine lines, and round bars

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Recent Works

Example of application of Free adjustment nut

Easy setting!
Location fixture unit for roller conveyor

"Location fixture unit for roller conveyor" is the system that you can set position easier for each work size by using Free adjustment nut. By using it, it will work efficiently in the place such as adjust the position several times a day because of the mechanism which can release nut function with one touch. Besides, it is good to use in the small to the medium line at a factory where it is not using electric power and need to make conveyor work by low cost.

Introducing the parts of equipment: Free adjustment nut(FA Nut)

FA Nut can change its function of "On" or "Off" with one touch, so it is a useful item for the sensitive place that is difficult to adjust by automatic.

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