CSR and Sustainability

CSR and Sustainability

CSR Activities

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a broad business concept. It usually describes a company’s commitment to carry out their business in an ethical way. It means managing their business processes while taking account of their social, economic, and environmental impact and considering human rights.
Companies are expected to not only pursue their profits but also to take responsibility for their social impact.

Our Approach to CSR

As part of its efforts to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, Osato is engaged in various CSR activities.
Here are some examples of CSR activities that Osato is involved in.

1. Make society a better place throughout business・We are actively recruiting anyone over 60.
・We support the independence and social participation of people with disabilities through collaboration and co-creation outside the company.
・In cooperation with Juvenile Prison, we support them for rehabilitation and social reintegration.

2. Establish a comfortable work environment・Create a comfortable workplace for employees
100% of our female employees have returned to work after maternity leave for the past ten years.
In addition, paternity leave has been a full-on reality for male employees since 2018. Eventually, 100% of our male employees have taken paternity leave since then.

About Sustainability

Sustainability awareness and management practices in Ohsato

”Sustainability” is coined word that stands for “sustain” and “ability.” The literal translation is the ability to be sustained.
Sustainability is based on the concept which keeps developing the environment and society with the best balance.
The main aim of sustainability is to provide resources for present generations without compromising the needs of future generations.
Our goal will be “resolving social issues,” while we may not achieve it now, we will be able to take a small step for it. And If we keep it in mind revision it will lead to “create for a better society.”

【Sustainability initiative in the workplace】In Ohsato, employees and part-time workers are equally provided with a comfortable workplace.
We try to clear all kinds of harassment out of the way and remove gender discrimination in the company.