DIY Sales Division
DIY Sales Division

Wholesale division

Our Services
Ohsato is supported by sales to house wares stores.
Our strength lies in our lineup of over 40,000 types of products, our extensive product knowledge, and our ability to handle custom-made items even in small quantities.
As a trading company, we also focus on packaging, sales promotion planning, and actively offer suggestions for engaging sales floors that are valuable to customers.
Selling is not the end. Ohsato’s spirit of connecting creates added value in the store.

To create sales floors that are easy for customers to see and buy, we have set up a unique color code for Ohsato to separate product categories. Because screws are small parts, it can be difficult for customers to find exactly what they need. That’s why Ohsato thinks ahead and acts to help.
Our professionals also provide expert advice regarding the composition of the sales floor.

What is the Ohsato Wholesale division?

Sales Staff are having specialized knowledge

Our sales staff attend marketing study groups to enhance their specialized knowledge, in order to fulfill customers’ specific requests.
For example, “How many newtons can this bolt handle?”
If the customer has this question, they ask our sales staff. Our staff will accurately provide the answer.
Our aim is not only sales. The goal of the Wholesale division in Ohsato is also to be a professional staff member who can make sales suggestions.
Response to customer order in small quntities

One of our services which is popular among customers is customer order response.
Even if the product you are looking for is not in stock at the store, Ohsato, which has plenty of stock, can handle it, even a single screw.
If you are looking for an item, please contact the Ohsato sales staff.


Nationwide sales network

Our huge business network allows us to give reliable service from a wide variety of stock.