Ohsato Package

Ohsato’s packages

We thought out the package which is well designed to be more useful for customers than the others.

It can be recognized at a glance!
The package which is called “O-pack” is clearly described the information of the product such as product number, quantity, materials, item illustration, and item name on the parts of “Header” that is the top of the package.

The package is categorized in each item by using a different color.
We, humans, are said to be recognized 80% of sight is from color information. “O-pack” is so easy to find at the store because of color categorization by each item. It is color-code of “O-pack” below.

Moreover, we provide “Pictogram-sign” that helps the customers to find the item at the store. (※except for some stores)

POINT!“Pictogram-sign” at the store and the color of the “O-pack” of each category are the same, so it will easy to find the item!

It has a scale.
There is a scale on the backside of the package. It is convenient to measure the length of the screws or so.

“O-pack” is selling in resealable zipper storage bags.

If you could not use all, you can keep the rest of the items stocking in the zippered bag until next time you will use it.

“Header” that the item detail show on can be torn along the line so that you can keep it in the bag. It will help you to make sure the size and materials.


How about our package project that has informed so far? We will keep trying to pursue to give better quality for our customers!