Information about our new product “FA nut”

We start selling our company ‘s original product  which is called “FA nut” .
“FA nut” is a mechanical part that can turn ON/OFF the nut function with one touch.
By using this product, you will be able to reduce workloads significantly.

Examples of using FA nut

It can be used to level small to medium-sized processing equipment, amusement equipment, other industrial equipment, tables, work tables, and other places with level differences.

For setting a slope at work sites, temporary site, and event spaces.

By using a feed screw, you can freely adjust the slide to any location and make fine adjustments with the screw. (This product does not support precision screws such as trapezoidal threads.)

For simple fixing of jigs, workpieces and machine covers that are frequently removed.

We lend FA nut for free!

We are offering free samples in response to the customer’s request to check the shape and operation of it. If you are interested in, please contact us after filling out (1) How many of these you need, (2)How long you want to lend, and (3) What is the main purpose of using the product.