Ohsato original new item “Magnetic Ruler”


Our New item “Magnetic ruler” is ideal for measuring items against a steel surface.
Magnetic Ruler

Magnetic ruler is a magnetic measuring device, can be used on metal surfaces for hands-free measuring.
You can also cut it to any length or attach it to curved steel surfaces.
The scale numbers are printed slightly left, so the numbers will be seen even if it is cut.

magnetic ruler front【Front】
The numbers are quickly read.
magnetic ruler back【Back】
High-powered magnets hold the ruler in place, and it can be easily taken off too.
the numbers will be seen even if it is cut
Numbers remain visible even when cut.

How to use

Attaches to the shelvesAttaches to shelves for hands-free measurement.
measuring round and different shaped objectsIdeal for measuring round and odd shaped objects.
measurement height for kidsMeasure kids’ height.



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Magnetic ruler package1
Magnetic ruler package1



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